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The Portfolio Service is a truly unique service. It enables you to create a portfolio of mares, horses in training and stallions. We’ll keep your portfolio updated with the latest information about those horses and their offspring so that whenever you view your Portfolio, you’ll always see the most up-to-date information.

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Continuously updated information for mares in your
Portfolio include:
  • Mare produce record
  • Tabulated race records for the mare and each foal
  • Mare nicking report
  • Sales records for the mare and each foal
  • Notification of any foal’s:
    - Race and Sale Results
    - Race and Sale Entries
    - Workouts
  • And more

Continuously updated information for horses-in-training in your Portfolio include:
  • Lifetime past performance race record
  • Link to a chart of each race
  • Notification of:
    - Race entries
    - Sale entries for the portfolio horse or its siblings
    - Workouts
  • And more

Updated information for stallions in your
Portfolio include:
  • Notification of race entries and results
  • Notification of sale entries and results
  • And more

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