The global source for Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse pedigrees and race records, as well as the innovative Portfolio Service, Trainer Program and Farm Program management services. Learn more
Leading-edge applications for the equine industry, including Horse Farm Management and Veterinary ManagementTM Software, HealthBookTM, and Web site and custom software development. Learn more
The premier research and production source of Thoroughbred sales catalogue pages for national and regional sales, as well as related products such as Pocket Pedigrees. Learn more
Unique services that integrate our comprehensive global database and technological expertise, including tattoo research for Thoroughbred identification, customized reports and catalogue updates.
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The Jockey Club Information Systems, Inc. (TJCIS) is a unique and diversified organization that provides instant access to information and expertise to aid decision-making and improve Thoroughbred management and promotion. TJCIS is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jockey Club and reinvests all profits in the Thoroughbred industry. It also owns a majority interest in Blood-Horse magazine. on Facebook FREE 5X Pedigrees! Click Here

Tattoo Indentification Services


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